SSAT Flex Test Center

Praskovia Jain, IECA Professional Member and SSATB Member can administer SSAT Flex Test at her home office.

For more information or to book the test contact us at 647-998-9404 or by e-mail at

SSAT Flex Testing

Canada School Camp is an authorized SSAT Flex Test Center and we only test one to a few students at a time. My service is to provide a quiet and supportive environment for your student. The test results count the same as taking the test in a room with dozens or even a hundred students. We offer convenient hours and dates, including holidays and weekends, to accommodate students’ busy schedules. If you choose to take the SSAT test, the following process is outlined below:

  1. Prior to testing, students should contact our office at (647) 998-9404 to schedule a test date.
  2. After a test date is determined and our proctor fees to administer the test has been paid, students should go to to register (fee applies). Canada School Camp test center code is 0167. When you register, be sure to include the schools where you want the scores to be sent. You may decide to send the scores at a later date, but SSAT does change an additional fee for this service.
  3. If students are requesting Special Accommodations, they must get the approval from SSAT at least two weeks before the scheduled test date. Students should notify us in advance if they require or are applying for Special Accommodations. In order to request accommodations, you must download the Special Accommodations form from the SSAT website and then have your child’s current school complete the form and send it directly to SSAT.
  4. The office is located at 22B Senlac Road, M2N 2K7, Toronto. Ten minutes walk from Sheppard Subway Station, parking available.
  5. Students must have a valid photo ID and a printed copy of their registration ticket to test at our site.
  6. Only ONE Flex test per academic year can be taken. If you have already written the Flex Test within August 1st to July 31st you are not eligible.
  7. After your child completes the test, I will overnight it to SSAT. It takes SSAT approximately 10-14 days to score the test. You may request to have the scores emailed when you register. SSAT charges an additional fee for this service. I do not receive a copy of the scores (unless you specify it on the registration), and I am not responsible for scores being submitted to schools.

I am committed to providing a safe and healthy testing environment for your child. For that reason, if your student has had a fever, flu-like symptoms or a stomach virus within 48 hours prior to testing, please call and I will help you reschedule your child’s test date as soon as they are feeling better. If your student arrives at my office and shows symptoms of being ill, I will ask you to take your child home and reschedule the test at a later date.

Please feel free to call me with any questions. I look forward to helping you and your student.

If you require a fee waiver contact SSAT directly and arrange with them. We offer pro-bono appointments to qualified students.

Our additional services include:

  • Helping families to select day and boarding schools in Canada or USA
  • Working on application (SAO, Gateway, school specific)
  • Working on FA applications
  • Advising on process, scores, interview techniques, essay brainstorming
  • Advising on athletic recruitment, arts, science, engineering, drama programs in HS
  • Advising on Special ed/academic support schools
  • Complete visa support for international students